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Elevate Your Sustainability Profile

Our unique model is the epitome of Community-Powered Tourism. allows hosts to keep their full earnings while guests pay competitive rates. The distinguishing factor? Half of the net platform fee is reinvested directly into the local community, supporting a social project chosen by the host and the guest. Partnering with us enables you to foster deeper connections with your clients, employees, and stakeholders, while elevating your organization’s sustainability profile.

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The Power of
Positive Employee Experience

  • A Forbes Insight-Salesforce study found that companies that prioritize EX (Employee Experience) in order to deliver a premium CX (Customer Experience) achieve 1.8x faster revenue growth.
  • A West Monroe survey of CX professionals found that nearly 50% of respondents stated that a motivated and equipped workforce resulting from positive EX was the single most critical factor in their organization’s ability to improve CX.
  • This Gallup report found that companies with high engagement and positive EX are 21% more profitable than those with low EX.

Unleashing Collaboration Opportunities

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We’ve prepared a range of collaboration ideas to ignite your imagination:

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Tailored User Experience

How about a co-branded platform, customized to meet your organization’s needs? This partnership offers a personalized user experience, exclusive search results, and potentially, network-wide discounts for your organization’s members.

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Boost Teamwork

Transform your lodging needs into Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Match donations generated by your network, gamify your impact as a team and host impactful team-building sessions in picturesque settings.

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Fair Club Membership

A membership in our Fair Club offers your organization unique benefits, including discounted membership rates, ideal for corporate gifting, and volume discounts on bulk purchases.

Engage with Local Communities and Support Sustainable Tourism

Beyond rentals, provides unique experiences, enabling your organization’s members to engage with local communities directly. Embrace the future of ethical and solidarity tourism with, and make a lasting impact on your organization’s sustainability journey.

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