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For us a Community project or Social project is an action carried by an accountable local group that has a measurable positive social impact on the community it belongs to. There are no projects too big or too small for and they can vary from sustainability-focused activities to promoting fair and circular economy at a local level.

Submit your project and you will soon be contacted by our staff that will guide you through the onboarding process.

Project Selection

How are Community Projects selected?

At this early stage, community projects are evaluated case by case by our local contacts and partners. However, our goal in the near future is to involve the local nodes during the selection and validation process of the community projects.

What are the requirements?

In order to get funded community projects will have to satisfy this conditions: 

  • be intended to help residents and/or promote sustainable tourism;
  • be linked to the same community/location where the guest/funder will travel to;
  • the recipient of the grants will have to be a legal entity that will provide accountability and inform the platform and the funders on the state of the project.

The process

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Prepare the needed info

Collect high resolution imagery of your activity including eventual logo, branding, events and meetup pictures, slides and presentations, facts and figures sheets and, if already available, some shots of the actual implementation of the project. Create a compelling and explanatory text with details about your project and why it is important for your community

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Submit your project

Use this form or send us an email to [email protected]. We’ll then ask to meet you or to schedule a introductory video call where you will explain us why you want to take part on our journey and why you think is important.

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Your project will be published

It’s now time to share the project page on your website or social media, in order to spread the word and collect the funding faster!

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Guests will fund your project

Our guests will book their stay and choose to fund your project. Some may wish to visit the project they have decided to fund, please let us know during your submission if you wish or can receive visits.

Social Project

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