Why travelling with Fairbnb.coop matters

Join a global movement

Fairbnb.coop empowers you to support local community projects in the communities you travel to. That’s because everytime you book an accommodation, Fairbnb donates 50% of the booking fee to a local social project in your area.

Support the communities you visit

Fairbnb.coop is more than just a booking platform. As a traveler on Fairbnb, you are part of a global movement dedicated to transforming the tourism sector into one that is more sustainable and equitable for all.

The process

Book your stay

Browse through destinations on the BETA and book an accommodation where you want to travel.

Fund a social project

To complete the booking, choose a social project you want to donate half of our fee!

Send a request

The host will have 48 hours to either confirm or decline your booking request

Enjoy your stay

Post a review and give us feedback to help us improve your experience

Book your fair stay in one of our pilot cities.

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