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Too many people are currently looking for a safe place to stay. Our community of Hosts want to help and offer their home to people in need.

Fairbnb.coop is creating a platform that can be used by NGOs and humanitarian organizations to find hosts for refugees. The first version will be available in the next few days.

Now we need your support: We are actively looking for Hosts, NGOs and people working for national authorities. Please fill in our registration form below if you can help.

We will inform you as soon as our platform is ready to connect Refugees and Hosts.

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How we plan to help


Creating a platform on which voluntary Hosts can list their accommodation.

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Validating the listed homes together with local authorities and NGOs to assure a safe place for people in need.

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Share the platform for free with organizations that need to find hosts for refugees in need. Refugees can also directly get in contact with safe and validated hosts through the platform.

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Can you help?

Can you help?

Help us spread our mission

We have created ready to use press releases in several languages and social media posts so you can help us involve as many people as possible. Feel free to download our press kit and help us raise awareness. Thank you.

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Take action now!

There are several ways how you can help right now. Here are some useful links to take actions:

Supporting Refugees from the Ukraine:

UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund


Open for everyone:

Being Fairbnb.coop a European cooperative digital platform focused on solidarity and communities we have been working for some time on a version of our commercial accommodation platform that could be used by NGOs and Humanitarian organizations to find volunteers that could host refugees. The recent events in Ukraine have spurred us to quickly launch what was already available to try to help now while simultaneously keep on working on a long term solution.

We want to underline that this platform is aimed to help ALL people in need,
no matter their race, gender or religion.

Get in touch with us!

Fill in the form or send an email to refugees@fairbnb.coop
and we’ll get back to you ASAP

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